Renovation Project

This project was initiated with the intention of creating dedicated spaces for Alimiyyah and school classes to provide a better education and allow more students to attend the Darul Uloom.

Your support, will allow us to fulfil the dreams of our students who come to us from all corners of the UK and will become a Sadaqah Jariyah for you!

May 2024

Interactive Screens Installed

8 x 75″ Interactive TV screens have been installed for use in classrooms.

April 2024

External Walls Demolished

Work has been underway to demolish additional walls creating a larger open area.

March 2024

External Works

Work is underway to get the outdoors ready for further works.

February 2024

Internet Connections

Making sure the new school building is ready for the future by connecting every classroom with ethernet connections and fibre to the building.

February 2024

Electrical Connections

Electrics from around the building are being connected together on the main panel.

January 2024

Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units have now been installed allowing for rooms to be cooled and warmed as needed using the same unit.

December 2023

Electrical Connections Between Buildings

Working towards a more efficient structure, saving costs and time in managing the various buildings.

October 2023

Painting Started

As the rooms get closer to completion of building work, they are being prepared for the first round of painting and preparation of subsequent works.

October 2023

Electrical Work Started

The project is moving along with electrical work starting and wiring being prepared for the various rooms in line with current regulations.

September 2023

Skimming completed

The skimming work has now been completed Alhamdulillah in almost all areas of the building.

September 2023

Skimming begins

The skimming work has now started in all the classrooms preparing the walls for their final finish soon.

August 2023

Preparation for skimming

In preparation for skimming to begin, a double layer of fire rated plasterboards was put in place allowing the building to be of a higher standard.

August 2023

New window frames installed

After a break for the holidays, new PVC window frames were installed around the building to help with the efficiency especially during winter months.

June 2023

Steel work is completed

One the walls were taken down, steel beams needed to be placed to keep the structural integrity of the building resulting in some additional beams being placed too after inspection.

June 2023

Walls starting to be removed

Work is underway to remove walls between rooms to make larger classrooms making space for upto 30 students in each class, in sha Allah.

February 2023

Work in progress

Contractors have moved in a have started the process of demolition of the chimney blocks as well as the walls to create larger rooms for each class.

December 2022

Contract signed to begin Phase 2

Alhamdulillah, we have just signed the contracts to allow for the work on Phase 2 of the Renovation Project to commence. Phase 2 will include the School block and 117 Loughborough Road which will become part of the Alimiyyah block renovated in August 2022.

August 2022

Classrooms are ready, Alhamdulillah!

The building had some leaks and a few major bits of work to be done. Alhamdulillah, after completing it all, the building was ready to use and students moved in.

March 2022

Phase 1: Renovation work begins

Work has now started on modernising the rooms and making them fit for the purpose of Alimiyyah classes.

January 2022

Purchased Neighbouring Building

Alhamdulillah the neighbouring building at 115 Loughborough Road was purchased for the purpose of creating a dedicated space for the Alimiyyah classes.

Assalamu 'alaykum

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