At a glance

Darul Uloom Leicester teaches both Islamic and secular education to students from ages 11 onwards. We strive to empower our students with the best of both worlds and produce the leaders of tomorrow.


34 full-time teachers

11 ancillary staff

Graduates from various institutes across the world

Years of teaching experience

Maximum Class Size

20:1 student to teacher

20 students per class

Graduate Breakdown

In the past thirty years, DUL has produced the following amount of certified graduates:


Darul Uloom Leicester runs a Hifz and 7 year Alimiyyah program whilst also offering secondary school from Year 7 and GCSEs in 8 subjects. The school also has a sixth form with a currently expanding roster of 6 A-Levels.

Name Darul Uloom Leicester
Founded 1993 by Mawlana Ismail Patel
Current principal Mawlana Ishaq Boodi
Students 165 from 19 cities and towns
Staff 46
Alumni 87 Ulama' & 162 Huffaz
Departments Hifz, Alimiyyah, Secondary School, Sixth Form

Assalamu 'alaykum

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