A Spiritual Axis

Allah has created the human being with two essential components; the physical body and the soul. The body is a temporary vessel in which our soul travels. Our soul is caged within the body. This body, the vessel, the carriage, will carry and transport our soul for a few days. Once we pass this life, the body decomposes and disappears. The soul continues its journey. The essence of who we are is our soul. Our success lies in the soul, not the body.

“Indeed, he succeeds who purifies it. And indeed, he fails who buries it.”
[91: 9 -10]

The month of Ramadan is a golden opportunity for us to lavish attention on our souls – a time to nourish and feed the soul while we starve the body. Ramadan is an axis for spiritual focus. Allah Most High says:

“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may attain righteousness.” [2:183]

May Allah Ta’alah grant us the ability to benefit from the month of Ramadan by excelling in spirituality and strengthening our connection with our Lord.

by Muadh Omar, 2nd Year Alim Class


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